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7 Tips to get Unstuck

Feeling stuck and not sure how to get motivated? Try my seven productivity tips to start crushing it.

1) Prioritise sleep

During sleep, your brain creates and maintains pathways critical for memory formation and retention, so getting enough good quality sleep is very important for overall productivity.

2) Write your to-do list the night before

Writing your to-do list before finishing work means less wasting precious time in the morning, plus you won’t have all those priorities floating around your head overnight distracting you from getting a good night sleep.

3) Be intentional with your time

If you find yourself getting bogged down with jobs that aren’t a high priority, set a timer. Then you’ll see how much quicker you can work!

4) Have a set space, free from distractions

Sometimes it helps to separate your work life from your personal life so there are fewer non-work-related distractions. This is particularly important when you work from home, so if you can, convert that spare bedroom or nook into an optimal work environment.

5) Drink some water

Drinking water eases dehydration and expands the grey matter causing an increase in productivity. Pro tip: keep a big bottle of water on your desk so you don’t always have to refill your glass.

6) Do some exercise

Exercise not only keeps blood, glucose, and oxygen levels high, feeding the brain, it also releases endorphins into the body boosting your mood. Think push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and planking for some quick exercises.

7) Go outside for 10 minutes

Nature offers a calming environment and respite which leads to improved cognitive performance so get outside breathe in that fresh air!






Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

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