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5 Easy Steps to Tell if Comments or Messages are Spam

If your business has a website (& we highly recommend it does) it is likely that you will get the occasional spam email or comment. One way to reduce the amount of spam is to set up a filter. There are a number of different filters available and if you are a proficient internet user you are likely to have come across them yourself. By installing an up-to-date spam filter you will eliminate 90% of the spam comments. To help weed through the rest, here are five easily recognised alerts:

  1. Different Language

Fairly self-explanatory, the easiest way to tell if a comment is spam is if it is in a different language.

  1. Fake Name or Email Address

That’s right, I’m talking to you ‘erotik’ and your cousin ‘fancigurl’. If there is either no name or one that is obviously made up it’s spam. Same goes for email addresses.

  1. URL

Comments or messages that include URL’s are often trying to lure people to their illegitimate or illegal websites, or you could potentially download a virus. Hover your mouse over any hyperlinked text (without clicking it) and you will see the associated link. If the link is totally random or misspelt this is very good indicator the message is spam.

  1. Poorly Written

If the message is poorly written with incorrect grammar and spelling errors then don’t trust the source.

  1. Extremely Generic

If all the above aren’t relevant but the comment is extremely generic and doesn’t specifically relate to the topic then it’s likely just someone who comments on a number of different sites trying to get responses.

Here is an example of a comment that checks four out of the above five points:

Author: erotik (IP address:, fw-1.dancinggratefuldeadbears.com)
Email: sparkles_11_17_84_04@yahoo.com
URL: https://filmkovasi.org/
Excellent write-up. I absolutely love this website. Thanks! Harriet Shae Harlamert

Photo by Mathyas Kurmann on Unsplash

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