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Different Types of Content You Can Make Today

In the ever-changing word in which we live filled with so much choice it can be clearly seen that people like variety. This means that incorporating different types of content into social media marketing is a good strategy for any business. Here are six different types of content that you can make today:

  1. Written posts

Testimonials, blogs and written posts are some examples of text heavy posts that you will often see on social media. If the content is riveting and you have built brand loyalty some followers will engage to the end. This content type takes a bit longer than most, especially if includes explanations about technical matters, but it helps to demonstrate your business’s knowledge.

  1. Videos

According to Wzyowl 85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool and 87% of video marketers say that video has increased traffic to their website. This goes to show that video marketing is a highly effective and highly popular marketing tool. There are numerous free and low cost options to creating videos and with most people owning a smartphone there is no excuse not to.

  1. Images

Consumers are drawn to impactful visuals so if your business is posting on social media, with the exception of perhaps Twitter, remember to include a relevant image. If you don’t want to pay for images, we’ve listed our favourite places to get FREE royalty free images here: FREE Images That Actually Look Good.

  1. Go Live & Stories

Facebook and YouTube are examples of social media platforms that have a live streaming option. Live is usually fairly informal which means that followers feel like they’re getting the ‘behind the scene’ experience. It is a great way to show authenticity and connect with your followers through interacting with their engagement. Instagram stories are your option for Instagram live. Stories are a great way to share quick snippets of daily life that adds value to your followers.

  1. Sharing External links

Sharing articles and resources appropriate to your buyers persona keeps your brand relevant and saves you time. Makes sure to only share from trusted websites and brands.

  1. Powerful Quotes

Quotes that are relevant to your field are a quick and easy go-to for any business. Quotes have the power to inspire your followers as well as boost brand awareness.

Photo by Sticker Mule on Unsplash

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