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Creating a Buyer Persona for Your Business

A buyer persona is a hypothetical description of your ideal customer, based on research. It includes a generalisation of your customers demographics, behaviours, and challenges. Buyer personas provide your business with context that helps you to create relevant, engaging content and delegate resources. Content created using buyer persona can be in the tone of the persona and address the identified challenges and interests of your customer.

Businesses can have multiple personas, but try to limit it to five; remember they are based on generalisations not specifics. Give the personas names and focus on the solutions that your business can offer, considering the thought processes of those personas in relation to their ideal buying process. This way your business can adjust communication methods based on which persona you are interacting with.

How to create buyer personas?


Conduct research, starting with your current customers. Contact your customers by way of a written or verbal survey or focus group. The aim is to find similarities to base your persona on.

Once you’ve finished with your current customers, talk to anyone in your team who interacts with the customers asking their perspectives in regards to common questions, and hinderances.

You can take your research one step further by looking at who interacts with your competitors.


Use your CRM to analyse customer trends, who are your best customers and what are the parallels between them. Also use the responses from the customers to narrow it down to the most common answers. Once you’ve done that, rule out any answers or data that doesn’t have any bearing on your communication with them. Try and find the following information:

DEMOGRAPHICS including age, role, function and income
BEHAVIOURS including level of interest in your product, product usages, buying patterns, daily habits (what they read & watch)
CHALLENGES including pain points like how busy they are, what stresses them, dislikes from businesses, finances


Spend some time formulating responses to the common challenges faced by your customers. If you understand how your business is uniquely positioned to help your customer it will help align you with your customers goals.


Armed with all of the information from your research and analysis and the responses to the common challenges, you can now create buyer personas for your business. Look for the common characteristics and group them together to form the basis of your buyer personas.

Remember that a buyer persona is a hypothetical albeit realistic description of one person who embodies one part of your customer base.

Hubspot have a great free template which you can download here.

Image by Coffee Bean from Pixabay

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